Virtual Classroom

The key concept of our live online classes is Telepresence, which is like having your teacher sitting right there in front of you. This is done through a powerful online platform that replaces a traditional classroom. Your Virtual Classroom has a digital whiteboard for writing, drawing, and painting.

Your language coach can provide you with instant feedback, either orally or with text messaging and images. An array of multimedia resources embedded in the whiteboard makes your e-learning experience a multi-sensory one

The Virtual Classroom connects you to your teacher through our powerful, all-in-one online platform that improves upon the traditional classroom experience. Working together with your language coach, the two of you will be able to view and edit personalized lessons simultaneously. Using the digital whiteboard, both of you will be able to type, adds notes to, draw, paint and edit documents all in real-time! Your language coach can provide you with instant feedback, illustrating points and concepts either orally or by messaging your images and text. After the lesson is finished, you will still have access to all the annotations and notes the two of you made! This complete interactive, multi-sensory experience will leave you feeling like your teacher is sitting directly in front of you!