eSpanishLive is a groundbreaking approach to learning Spanish. It is not simply “computer classes” or “Skype classes.” It’s a program that combines a language coach, the most innovative and effective language methodology, a fantastic online learning platform, and a super-user-friendly web-conferencing technology to create a valuable and enjoyable e-learning experience in real time.


The Languages Coach

eSpanishLive offers interactive Spanish lessons live online. All you need to do is log in to our Virtual Campus and go to your Virtual Classroom, and your language trainer will be right there ready to start the lesson with you. Your language coach is an experienced native speaker who works hand in hand with you to develop the language skills necessary for effective communication. You’re never left alone!

The Language Method

eSpanishLive follows the Easy Español Audio-Cognitive method. This method entails fostering students’ listening  comprehension skills from the start, and, through carefully controlled practice, gradually developing students’ language proficiency.

The core principle of our program is Language Empowerment, which involves making students aware of the direct relationship between the cognitive and the emotional processes integral to communication. The focal point of Language Empowerment is developing the student’s language confidence and competence to achieve fluency quickly and easily.

Virtual-Campus  The Virtual Campus

Our computer-assisted language-learning platform or Virtual Campus, offers you a wealth of multimedia resources, including videos, music, podcasts, digital dictionaries, and more. Here you will find grammar rules and exercises; flashcards to study vocabulary; listening activities; language tools to help you study more effectively and tests to measure your progress. This terrific set of learning resources is available to you 24/7.

virtual-classroomThe Virtual Classroom

The key concept of our live online classes is Telepresence, which is like having your teacher sitting right there in front of you. This is done through a powerful online platform that replaces a traditional classroom. Your Virtual Classroom has a digital whiteboard for writing, drawing, and painting. Your language coach can provide you with instant feedback, either orally or with text messaging and images. An array of multimedia resources embedded in the whiteboard makes your e-learning experience a multisensory one.

CalendarThe Lessons

Lessons are live in 100% real time-via the Internet. After logging in to our Virtual Campus, you will be  directed to an easy-to- use web-conferencing platform that allows   you to communicate with your coach in real time. A typical live-online session is 50 minutes long and works the same way as a traditional private class: students and teachers talk to one another. For the duration of the lesson, your language coach interacts with you, guiding activities and empowering you to perform what you have practiced. Grammar and vocabulary exercises are used in context to reinforce your speaking skills.  At the end of a session, you can save the live lesson on your desktop, iPad, or phone, and review it as often you need.