The Program

eSpanishLive is a revolutionary program to learning Spanish that combines live online one-on-one coaching with an innovative online learning platform and extensive suite of study tools. Every class program comes complete with one-on-one sessions, group conversation sessions, and 24/7 access to our Virtual Campus resources and Self-Paced course. Without a doubt, eSpanishLive is the most comprehensive language program on the web. Here are some the reasons why our Spanish program is the best value for your time and money.

Our Exclusive Language Method

eSpanishLive utilizes the Easy Español Audio-Cognitive method. This proven method starts from day one by cultivating your listening skills and auditory comprehension. Through our core principle of Language Empowerment, you will gain awareness of the direct relationship between the cognitive and the emotional processes integral o language learning, and develop the confidence to communicate quickly and easily in Spanish. Our results-driven approach propels students into language fluency in the shortest time possible.

Experienced, Helpful Coaches

Native speakers with many years of teaching experience, eSpanishLive coaches are skilled, patient and supportive and fully vetted in the Easy Español Audio-Cognitive method. Your coach works hand in hand with you during the entire program to develop the language skills necessary for effective communication. You’re never left alone!

Intensively interactive One-on-One Sessions

eSpanishLive one-on-one Spanish lessons happen to live online through an easy-to-use web conferencing platform. After effortlessly logging into eSpanishLive, you will be directed to the Virtual Classroom where your coach will be waiting for you. The Virtual Classroom has a digital whiteboard for writing and drawing, and an array of multimedia resources, making your e-learning experience a multi-sensory one. Throughout your 50-minute session, your coach interacts with you, guiding activities and empowering you to perform what you have practiced. Grammar and vocabulary exercises are used in context to reinforce your speaking skills. At the end of a session, you can save the live lesson to your desktop, iPad, or phone, and review it as often as you like.

Self-Paced Spanish Course based on a Telenovela Series

All active students enjoy free access to the fun and engaging Habla online interactive course. Designed around a fictional Telenovela, this entertaining self-paced program introduces you to vocabulary and grammar through ordinary real-life situations. Each episode/learning unit is paired with writing, listening and speaking exercises that foster a natural and progressive way to learn the language.

Free TALK Conversation Sessions

You can practice your conversation skills with other eSpanishLive students in our weekly live online TALK sessions free of charge as long as you are part of our Spanish Program. Guided by an experienced coach, you will engage in interesting discussions on various topics while naturally priming essential vocabulary for effective communication in Spanish. We offer TALK sessions three times a week, and your coach will help you choose the right session for your level.

Astonishing Virtual Campus

Our computer-assisted language-learning platform, the Virtual Campus, offers you a wealth of multimedia resources including videos, music, podcasts, digital dictionaries, and more to enhance your learning experience. Here you will find grammar rules and exercises; flashcards to study vocabulary; listening activities; language tools to help you study more effectively; and tests to measure your progress. This extensive set of learning resources is available to you 24/7.