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The eSpanishLive Program

eSpanishLive is a revolutionary program to learn Spanish that combines live online language classes with an innovative online learning platform and an extensive suite of study tools.

The key concept of our live online classes is Telepresence, which is like having your teacher sitting right there in front of you. This is done all through a Virtual Classroom with a powerful web conferencing platform that replaces a traditional classroom. Your Virtual Classroom has a digital whiteboard for writing, drawing, and painting.

All classes are live – in real time- with a language coach who can provide you with instant feedback, either orally or with text messaging and images. An array of multimedia resources embedded in the whiteboard makes your e-learning experience a multi-sensory one.

Intensively interactive One-on-One Sessions

eSpanishLive offers one-on-one Spanish lessons that come in packages of 5, 10, or 20 lessons. The private lessons happen live online with an experienced and friendly language coach via an easy-to-use web conferencing platform. After effortlessly logging into your eSpanishLive dashboard, you will be directed to the Virtual Classroom where your coach will be waiting for you. Throughout your 50-minute session, your coach interacts with you, guiding activities and empowering you to perform what you have practiced. Grammar and vocabulary exercises are used in context to reinforce your speaking skills. At the end of a session, you can save the live lesson and review it as often as you like.

Do you want to find out how a typical one-on-one lesson works?

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TALK Conversation Sessions

The TALK (Total Accelerated Language Kick-Off) sessions are discussion workshops for Spanish language learners to practice their conversational skills in Spanish and gain language fluency.

You can practice your conversation skills with other eSpanishLive students in our weekly live online TALK sessions. Guided by an experienced coach, you will engage in interesting discussions on various topics while naturally priming essential vocabulary for effective communication in Spanish.

The TALK sessions are free of charge for all active student in our private Spanish Program.

We offer TALK sessions three times a week, and your coach will help you choose the right session for your level.

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HABLA: Self-Study Spanish Courses based on a Telenovela Series

Designed around a fictional Telenovela, this entertaining self-paced program introduces you to vocabulary and grammar through ordinary real-life situations. Each episode/learning unit is paired with writing, listening and speaking exercises that foster a natural and progressive way to learn the language.

The HABLA online courses are ideal for self-learning since they are easy to use and are very intuitive.The estimated number of training hours is between 125 and 150 hours per level. There are four levels: Beginners 1 (A1); Beginners 2 (A2); Intermediate 1 (B1) and Intermediate 2 (B2).  The number of hours depends on each student and varies according to their mother tongue and their ability to learn a foreign language.

All active students enjoy free access to the fun and engaging Habla online interactive courses.

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